Founder & CEO

Dual degree in Comp. Sc. IIT Kharagpur 

Kumar was a core team member of a startup incubated by qualcomm.  His work and research  experience is in software development , cybersecurity, blockchain and cloud computing .


Justin Cappos

Mentor & Technical Advisor

Associate Prof. , Comp Sc.  New York University

Justin’s research advances are adopted into production use by Docker, git, Python, VMware, Cloudflare, Microsoft, Digital Ocean, and most Linux distributions. Due to the practical impact of his work, Justin was named to Popular Science’s Brilliant 10 list in 2013.

Research Team

Gargi Mitra

Senior Researcher

Phd Researcher at Indian Institute of Technology Madras 

Gargi has an expertise in  ‘Network Security & Privacy’ & ‘Secure Internet Architecture’ with experience in developing secure network solutions based on Blockchain.

Vedika kulkarni

Research Intern

Computer Science Major at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

She has an expertise in  ‘Network Security & Privacy’ & ‘Secure Internet Architecture’ with experience in developing secure network solutions based on Blockchain.

Development Team

Nicole Olson

Software Developer

Computer Science Graduate at Oregon State University

Nicole Olson is a recent graduate in Computer Science who is in an internship role at Blockdeliver. Her prior career was as a writer in the future technology space.

Arjun Balakrishnan

DevOps Developer

Masters in Computer Engineering at NYU

Arjun has experience in Cloud Engineering and Design for NYU, as well as industry experience in DevOps, SRE, and Systems Engineering at other firms. 


Ge YanG

Software Development Intern

Computer Science Major at NYU Ge Yang is a college student and intern at Blockdeliver. He is learning about novel technologies and how to implement and manage them in real cases. 

Management Team

Nimmi Elza chacko

HR Manager

More than 3 years of experience with human resources & management

She is a certified and meticulous professional with 2.8 year of exposure in fields of Human resources and Training& Development with ability to motivate and build an effective team. She has worked with Thomson Reuters in the past.

Lakshita vij

HR Intern

Economics and Cognitive Science Major at University of California Los Angeles

She comes up with diverse experiences  in various fields and also is well versed with business development and marketing

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