Content Delivery Solutions
Deliver your content globally

Making a global , reliable and adaptable network for transfer of data by combining the resources of a global network of caches.

Open for anyone to join

Trustless network design

Transact without trust


Website Owners

What will you gain?

  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) made possible by peer-assisted
    content delivery, resulting in increase in reputation and thereby, an increase in client base
  •  Cost saving by avoiding over-provisioning of traditional CDN bandwidth for handling peak demands

CDN Providers

What will you gain?

  • Traditional content delivery networks are often over-provisioned and they do not need to use the peak bandwidth most of the time. This unused bandwidth can be used by you for extra financial profit.
  • Be part of a global network and earn through the marketplace

Internet Service Providers

What will you gain?

  • Use your in-network storage to host web contents and earn additional monetary rewards
  • Reduce your inter-ISP traffic volume to reduce your costs.

Any Internet User

What will you gain?

  • Join our network to rent¬† every megabyte you are not using

  • The more you rent , the more you earn.