About Us

Short Story

About BlockDeliver

BlockDeliver is a fully distributed, secure, peer-assisted content distribution system. It is a global, reliable and adaptable network for web content delivery that combines the resources of a global network of caches. BlockDeliver uses a resource-backed cryptocurrency framework that enables to set up an open marketplace for even mutually untrusted participants to exchange coins with bandwidth, and vice -versa. The BlockDeliver ecosystem allows any Internet user to join the network and act as a CDN cache in exchange for monetary rewards.


Our Approach

Having a truly global network is our ultimate goal!

BlockDeliver aims to create a platform which makes it feasible for any Internet user to join a peer-assisted network and rent out their infrastructure (storage and network bandwidth) for content delivery. This architecture would make content delivery more efficient than legacy systems. The BlockDeliver platform is designed to make video and music streaming, gaming applications etc. smooth & fast.

What makes us different ? 

  • BlockDeliver is the first decentralized open bandwidth marketplace.
  • BlockDeliver employs a financially-driven peer-assisted content delivery system.
  • BlockDeliver allows and encourages participation of ISPs, which would be of immense benefit to the content delivery process.
  • Other CDNs with spare infrastructure can also take part in the BlockDeliver network.
  • BlockDeliver has a highly secure architecture which not only employs state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols, but also uses a carefully designed service-payment function which discourages several dishonest activities by the participants in the first place.



— Our Mission

We are working to make video and music streaming, gaming etc. extremely smooth and fast, thereby enriching the end user experience.


— Our Vision

Become the backbone of content delivery over internet